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About this page design

Tactus Design, a small web solutions company based in England and Scandinavia, is pleased to be associated with The Sorabji Organ Project and has been equally pleased to offer its services in designing and maintaining these pages without charge.

Founded by former musicians, Tactus Design has a reputation for designing bespoke websites for musicians and are pleased to have Kevin Bowyer, amongst others, as one of its clients.

Unusually for web designers, Tactus Design wish to say something about the inspiration behind this particular design, since it is based on the 1925 Curwen Edition of Sorabji's Organ Symphony (then the first of the three and therefore, without number).

The font employed is a modern digital copy of the original typeface developed in the 1920s by Rudolf Koch and used by Curwen in the imprint. Similarly, the colours reflect the style of the cover.

Behind the text on each page, the background image is of a manuscript page from the Second Organ Symphony.

More importantly, the header of each page contains a copy of Sorabji's signature, kindly supplied by The Sorabji Archive.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish The Sorabji Organ Project and Kevin Bowyer our best wishes for this monumental venture, and look forward to continuing our relationship with the project for the full course of its run.

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